What My Mets Banner Day Meant.

I made my banner last week in the few minutes of downtime I had and I thought it came out pretty well. Got to Citi Field to line up for the banner today. I met up with Shannon and MP Jr. and I watched the kid while Shannon did his thing. I had my banner opened and the Mets personnel came by a few times and liked it.Mr Met even stopped by it and took some pics and videos with it.


It seemed to be a hit, people liked it both on line and that worked for the Mets.

Then @Mets_Bro pointed out this to me by Adam Rubin.

One banner got missed by the censors: “Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan.” Ouch. #mets

I let Rubin know it was mine. Now here’s the thing. It’s not meant to be a real “knock” on the Mets. If you guys watch Dr. Who at all, he tends to fly by the seat of his pants and always is looking like he doesn’t have a plan and at the last minute something comes together. You then realize he kind of had the outcome planned all along. The Mets make me feel like that right now. Everything is topsy turvy and wacky, but hopefully they have that plan in place that will make everything okay.

The I Want to Believe came about months ago when Shannon and I were just brainstorming stuff for the site. We both love X FILES and The Mets and we mashed them together. It really is the feeling I have with the Mets right now. I SO WANT TO BELIEVE In this team but I can’t right now.

As for Mr. MET. He is the Mets 2013 All Star. Guy is always out there hustling and doing his best.

I don’t think the Banner really “got by” the censors as much as the Mets staff got the meaning. I talk to a few of them regularly and I know they watch some Sci-Fi shows.

8 Replies to “What My Mets Banner Day Meant.”

  1. No need to explain. The fact is we’re all hopeful there’s a plan that will kick in any decade now…

  2. 2014 is when the plan starts!

    Spring Training is only 9 months away!….Can’t wait!

  3. There is a plan. That plan is to cut salary. No decision is made without this plan in mind.

  4. The plan is to take as much money from fans, put it in the Wilpon’s pockets in lieu of back into the team and laugh all the way to the bank.

    It’s actually a Wilpon based Ponzi Scheme of sorts.

    Someday, I want to be as big a fan as Shannon. Maybe then I can insult real fans who see thru the Wilpon bullshit. Until then, I can only hope.

    1. You can always start your own blog Ron and write about your thoughts.

      1. Mediagoon, thanks for your insightful response. I do not have the time to devote to such a venture. If I could not do it right, I would not attempt it.

        I read quite a bit of the stuff posted on the internet and RARELY ever respond …. but that garbage spewed by Shannon yesterday calling out the fans was disgraceful and uncalled for and I could not let it go.

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