41 Amazin’ ideas for the Mets #6: Tom Seaver statue

Here’s what we’re doing. We are crowdsourcing 41 ideas for the Mets. The ideas can be big or small. Today’s idea is from @doncheech


Erect a statue for Tom Seaver and have a day to honor him. Can be placed outside the Seaver entrance maybe?


I love this one because one day Tom will be gone and then they will do something.  Let’s do it while we can have Tom at the day.  This franchise doesn’t have much, but it does have The Franchise.



Here’s what I need you to do: email me ([email protected]) your ideas. Make my life easy and actually write a few paragraphs about your idea and put your name/twitter handle to it so I can just cut and paste it. I’ll post one idea a day.

Here’s what I need you not to do: waste time with “Sell the Team” or ridiculous trades or general negativity.

The goal here is to crowdsource some cool ideas, publicly post them, and then the Mets can use them or not.

Send your ideas to [email protected] – put something like CROWDSOURCING in the title so I can pick them out easily (lest you get buried in a slew of You Own This Jersey emails.) and again write a little but about your idea. “They should have Kiner’s Korner” isn’t enough. What is Kiner’s Korner? How would it work? What is your vision for it?

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