I wasn’t there for the concert, I saw no fight

To clarify, as there is an article out there which is confusing some folks, I was not there for the 50 Cent concert.  I left around the 5th or 6th inning, I don’t remember.

While I was at the game the crowd was becoming less enjoyable to be around.  I did personally experience people jeering in the back rows of 514.  I did not enjoy their company so I left.

I did not see any security from my seat, including looking around from my vantage for red shirted security to complain about the folks in my area.  If there is a readily available customer contact number, I am unfamiliar with what it is or how I should have proceeded.  I just chose to leave.

I did see folks with beer cans walking around while I was there. I even saw Media Goon with a beer can at around 3:30pm, although he was quietly enjoying his beverage.

I did not see any fights on Saturday.  I also did not see anybody eating a pretzel, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Media has been inquiring about the fight videos that are circulating.  I know nothing about them other than my link to the Gothamist post.

I was more pissed about the ice cream.


Have someone make a fun “don’t be a douche who ruins other fans good time” video and show it.  I think the Phillies have one if I recall.

If there is a customer service number/email/text/tweet address then post it frequently during the game.

And across the board for all sporting events, take a closer look at your alcohol policies.  It seems to me that it’s always “drunks” who ruin the fun.