Mets have apparently tweaked the skyline logo

Not sure when this happened but @dgwhitman put this on my radar (THANKS!)

Let’s take a look at the skyline logo from the 50th anniversary first…

mets 50th logo

And let’s take a look at this one

mets logo

and let’s take a look at the logo being used by @mets this evening.

mets 2014 twitter ball logo

Now look at that building on the right. That sure looks like the Citicorp building  Citigroup Center 602 Lexington Avenue to me.

Did the Mets whore out their logo for a corporate sponsor? Did the Mets randomly pick a building to swap in that once had Citi in the name?  Weird.


UPDATE: it looks like Mets Facebook used this logo on 11-11-13.  None of us noticed.   However my 2014 tickets have the “old” logo, has the old logo and emails from Mets staffers have the old logo as recently as today.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.54.32 PM

3 Replies to “Mets have apparently tweaked the skyline logo”

  1. That logo looks like it was doctored at some point. The part that
    looks like the Citi Group building was cut out from what was the UN
    building. In all other places except for the Mets Facebook, Twitter, and
    Google Plus; the logo used would be 1999 logo with the building flat
    top. One other thing, if the Mets did alter their logo, they would have
    to get permission from MLB’s offices first before changing it. The
    turnaround can be at least a year to two years before a team changes
    logo due to giving notice to all the vendors (business), press,
    outfitters and the like before the change. Looking at the Mets
    “Facebook” logo, personally don’t think that MLB would even allow that
    change as it would be too obvious of a connection with the Mets and one
    of their sponsors (Citigroup). At no point on the Mets official website,
    nor their primary uniforms, nor the many memorabilia items for sale
    have the “Citigroup” building inspired logo.

    closing, I have the feeling that Mets graphic designers, instead of of
    using their own logo files that they have on hand from MLB; basically their style guide (think of it as the Mets logo bible),
    just lifted the logo from the internet (perhaps Google Image Search)
    and placed it on their social pages. The result, as expected adds a few
    questions to some, by in my opinion shows that Mets (as usual lately)
    did a sloppy job using that logo instead of the one on their style guide. I really think we should let them (The Mets,MLB) know about this, although I get the feeling they have bigger fish to fry.

  2. Sean Caruana  Are you implying the Mets have employees so clueless, they don’t know their own logo?

  3. The Twitter logo has been restored to the correct building…the Facebook logo is now a white surrender flag.

    At best this may have been a lower level employee joking around with our hallowed logo and risking all kinds of trademark and copyright problems.

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