MHN and Matt Harveyness (Matt Harvey attends Knicks game)

Good morning.  Some MHN Commentary coming up after the Matt Harvey News

Matt Harvey News 2

Sources tell MHN that Matt Harvey attended the Knicks game last night.


And now some commentary.

Is it a big deal that Matt Harvey attended the Knicks game?  No, not at all.  Not at all in terms of “Why the hell do we even talk about this?” and not at all in terms of the upcoming season.

To answer the “Why the hell do we even talk about this?” – well first it’s the offseason and blogs need content.  Second, because you people (the general mess known as Mets Twitter – a term I despise by the way) created this by reading blog posts about MH, calling Mike Francesa about MH, and buying tabloids with MH on the back cover.

In terms of the upcoming season – sure, why shouldn’t Matt hit a Knicks game.  It’s entirely possible for someone to get up at 7am, eat a healthy breakfast, work out from 8am until 1pm, then watch game films of opposing batters from 1pm until 6pm and still make it from Soho to MSG for a Knicks game at 7.  I also worked yesterday, went out from 7-10pm, then returned to work this morning, and I don’t think anyone thinks I am off my game today.


Matt Harvey being MATT HARVEY tends to give off MATT HARVEYNESS which is extremely easy to goof on, in a way that say deGrom or Syndergaard or Wright or even Neil Walker (I’m watching you Neil) don’t.

Matt just gives off a vibe that reminds me of a 13 year old who suddenly has access to hit chicks, fast cars and Rangers tickets.

Matt is the guy who does Qualcomm interviews, writes for the so-so cool Players Tribune, and then declares in September that he’s going fishing in a week.  He says he wants to be Jeter but he clearly wants to be Broadway Joe.

Newspaper articles get written where supposedly people close to Matt say he’s totally focused on the upcoming season.  And when that happens it’s easy to goof on him if he takes a five minute break to watch TV because now he isn’t TOTALLY focused.

Just say nothing.   Lay low.  Derek Jeter somehow survived in this town for 20 years, presumably also enjoying the benefits of being a star player in NYC, and it stayed out of the papers.

Maybe it’s just that it is 2016 now and we have cellphones and twitter.

Regardless, Matt Harvey News is easier to goof on than Jacob deGrom News or even Bartolo Colon News.  I don’t know why that is, but it is.

How this ends, who knows.  Maybe it ends in 2019 with Matt’s departure to the Yankees.  (There’s that Matt Harveyness again).  Maybe it ends with posts about 44 year old Matt and Mrs. Harvey taking their three beautiful children to the circus.

Time will tell.  In the meantime, Matt is a winter blogger’s dream.