Pssst the Mets have sold Game Worn jerseys for years

I know we’re supposed to be OUTRAGED over this Piazza jersey thing, and today we’re supposed to be DOUBLE OUTRAGED over the Mets selling more jerseys from that night but maybe you’ve noticed the kiosk behind home plate that sells game worn jerseys?

Tonight the Mets will wear 42s to honor Jackie Robinson.  Then they will sell them and/or auction them.  And guys like you will buy them.

Here’s an ENTIRE OFFICIAL WEBSITE that auctions things.  Want to honor the 1986 Throwbacks…well you can?

mets auction


So I get this is shiny and makes for a great cover page like this….


Daily News Piazza Sellouts back page Mets

…and some OUTRAGE like this….

The Mets have exhibited a rare blend of stupidity that should be preserved so that future generations can marvel at their ignorance.

Source: Just Amazin’ how stupid, ignorant Mets can be


….but this goes on every day.  The MSM just happened to notice this time.

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