Curtis Granderson with bluebrid cap and pinstripes

Before we begin, some behind the scenes here at MPHQ.  This part is for the wonderful Paul Lukas who so graciously links to this site and has been a good friend.

Sometimes I see something, and I post it and I think to myself “oh Paul will likely link to this (on Uni Watch).”  Not that I expect it.  Not that that’s why I do it.  I just over the years have noticed the kinds of things that Paul links to (and again a million thanks for those links which send people here) and something like mis-matched pins and cap is that sort of thing.

So why I say all that is because my brain has nicknamed such posts, kiddingly, but I have a silly smile right now….”Lukasbait.”   And I don’t mean that I am posting just to get a link or that I expect a link or if UW ceased to exist I wouldn’t post such things.

But my immature brain has the term “Lukasbait” and I kinda like the term and felt like sharing it.  Maybe it will enter the lexicon around here the way “hybrid” did or #imwith28 did.

Anyway, Paul, I know you read and like the site, and hopefully you got where I am coming from and I expect nothing and am thankful for all.

And with that said…today’s Lukasbait.

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