MHN: Matt Harvey and Mets avoid arbitration, as seen on hundreds of useless blogs everywhere

We here at the Matt Harvey News Desk will also also also also also embed the tweet from the guy who did the work.  He’s James Wagner and every Amazing Mets Insider Apple News Blog Report site has taken his tweet and made up 200 words around it in some sort of attempt to pretend they are a news site that adds value to the internet.

Here at the MHND we’re just making fun of all this, including the fact that people will click on Matt Harvey Anything.  So thank you Matt, and thank you click bait enjoyers.   You might also want to google “deGrom Mets avoid arbitration” – since the guys at Amazing Mets Insider Apple News Blog Report will have that story too.  Here we only goof on Matt Harvey News.

Or, you know, everyone could have just hit retweet on Mr. Wagner.