Mookiee Podcast 54 – revisiting the Mets’ collapses (and Star Wars news)

Hello Mets fans – more Mets than Star Wars this week after a run of Star Wars heavy episodes (a new movie and the death of Princess Leia will do that to a podcast)

A podcast about the New York Mets and Star Wars. This week Jason “confirms” an amazing rumor about Darth Vader, and we continue the History of the Mets with The Collapses!

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00:20   Jay Bruce and Michael Conforto
06:30   Pick a 3B: Wright, Reyes, Murphy, Turner
10:00   Wally vs. Sandy
18:00   Queens Baseball Convention with Bobby Valentine and Tim Teufel is January 28th
20:00   Terry Collins’ wins total
22:00   History of the Mets Part 5: The 2007 and 2008 Collapses


40:00   Woody Harrelson confirms his role as Han Solo’s mentor
43:00   use of Carrie FIsher’s image
49:00   Rebels recap: Saw Guerrera
54:25   will Jason confirm this amazing Episode 8 rumor about Darth Vader?