Seaver Statue Now

It has come to my attention the the Indianapolis Colts have developed statue technology.  This weekend, they plan to unveil a statue for the greatest Indianapolis Colts player of them all, Peyton Manning.

I don’t know if you know this (Jeff, Fred, Saul I am talking to you guys) – Peyton Manning is still alive!

Seaver Statue Now.

Why are we waiting on this?

Here’s what’s going to happen.   Some day, hopefully not until many many many years from now, Tom Seaver will pass away.

THEN the Mets will decide to honor him.

Why not do this now?

I have yet to meet a Mets fan who is anti-statue.  We can’t agree on netting or assault weapons but we can all agree on Seaver Statue.

Let’s stop waiting   SEAVER STATUE NOW.

You need an excuse?  1969 + 50 = 2019.   That gives you a year to figure this out.