Mets Police Morning Laziness: stupidest Mets theory yet!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Some people made the Hall of Fame.  I don’t care who is in or not.  Part of it is the hypocrisy of acting like baseball wasn’t all about McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, Bonds etc for 15 years…but part of it is someone like Trevor Hoffman.  Yeah he was good, and yeah he got the most Statistical Units at the thing he was supposed to do – but did anyone ever buy a ticket to go see Trevor Hoffman?  Were you ever like wow, I got to see Trevor Hoffman play.   Jim Thome?  Nice player. I guess he has enough stats.  But he’s a few aisles away from like a Willie Mays?  And we’re not going to have Bonds there?  Whatever dudes.   I’m still in favor of the Smithsonian Museum of Baseball in DC.

If the below is true, we should have the Mets investigated for possible mental illness..

The Mets are doubling down on the idea that investment in the medical department and shaking up the way they evaluate, acquire and prepare young players will result in enough change to make fans forget about the payroll.

Um….no.  That is not going to work Mets.   Some good stuff in the Newspaper if you wanna read it.

I’m kinda bored with the prom thing.  Just let her do it so this story can end.  Are the Mets really gonna be like, sorry you got 417,134 retweets so no pictures for you.

And almost forgot...DID THE METS GET ANY NEW PLAYERS?   No.