Dear 2019 @pirates please do a Throwback game against the Mets here’s why

Dear Pirates,

With the 40th anniversary of your fantastic 1979 World Champion team approaching, I’d like to encourage you to do a throwback game.

You could wear the awesome 1979 Pirates much like you have done when you used them for Sunday uniforms.

What would be really neat is some sort of 1979 Day where you went all in, maybe play some 1979 era music (We Are Family anyone?) and…hear me out…maybe the opponent could wear throwback jerseys as well.

I’ll be honest.  I just want to see the Mets wear these…

..and I want to buy one.

The only way this is going to happen is if the Mets happen to be the road team for someone else’s throwback night.  This is how I was able to get my 1988 style N E W Y O R K jersey and some others were able to get a Swoosh jersey.

So, I know you guys are smart and aren’t one of those teams that needs to be nagged into honoring its history.   Thus I am reaching out to you super early and asking that when you plan your 1979 throwback night that you do it against the Mets.

To sweeten the pot, I am pretty confident that I can get an additional 1000 or so t-shirt enthusiasts to make the trip which will sell more tickets.    I can’t promise, but I do know a guy.

Thanks Pirates!