This is the obligatory Mets are bringing Jose Reyes back for 2018 post

Reports are that the Mets will bring Jose Reyes back for like $3M.

I have gone back and forth on this.

On the one hand, Jose Reyes fills a lot of holes.  He’s a veteran. Good.  He can play three IF positions.  Good.   Theoretically he can play the OF (I saw one version of the OD roster that will only have 4 OFers.)  Good.

But he used to make $22M.  And we saw last year that when he wasn’t playing his beloved SS he didn’t play so well.

Is he going to take a $19M paycut and watch someone else play “his” spot (which he gave up to go to Miami).  I worry about this.

Then there’s that off-field stuff.

I think this is a mis-match. He’d be better off somewhere else, and surely the Mets can find a different veteran utility guy.