Hi Chris Brown of the Mets. Let’s talk about this seat and Guest Experience at Citi Field

Hi Chris.

Got your name from the website.   Sorry to call you out by name but your staff let me down.

I purchased two tickets to the Mets opener.  This was the view from my seat.

I swear that’s the view.  I did not line up a shot.  I sat in my chair the way a normal person sits in a chair and took a picture.  That is the view from Section 509 Row 1 Seat 3 (my son sat in 4 with a very similar view).

Come on.

Now sometime in the last few days I noticed my ticked said Limited View, so I was ready for some plexiglass or something but come on.

I will make you the same offer I made Dave Howard years ago.  Let’s you and I hit a game. Let’s sit in those seats.  I’m not hitting you up for free tickets.  I will pay for them and you can be my guest, and we will sit and watch the game together from that view.  Let me know when and I will be there.

I tired to be civilized.  I waited three innings and then went looking for customer service.  I found a bro-dude kind of hanging around the area behind home upstairs.  He wasn’t particularly interested in my request to be moved anywhere.  The last row.  The corner.  Anywhere.   After barely paying attention to me for thirty seconds I was referred to the (whatever it is called) fan window in that same area.

There I met a nice man who, unlike the bro-dude with the beard, I felt actually kind of felt bad for me.  He looked genuinely sad to tell me there was nothing to be done, after all it was a sell out.

So, am I to believe that if Barack Obama attended a game with Sarah Seaver and they asked to be moved that the answer would be, sorry Barack and Sarah, there is no possible system to solve this.  None at all, after all it is a sellout.

You guys don’t have a system of, I dunno, four seats in case something comes up?  What happens if some drunk yaks on my seat, do you tell me too bad I have to sit in the puke?  Surely there is a system.  Surely.

So there you go Chris.  Let me know when you’d like to hit the game.  Ask yourself and ask the staff is this what you want the Guest Experience to be?  Hey sucks to be me, I bought the wrong seat. Oh well, nothing we can do,

Here’s the view if you lean forward for 9 innings.   In comparison, not so bad.  Of course the guy behind you gets mad because now he can’t see but hey as Dave Howard said – geometry.