Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey Mafia on full hype, did they see the game?

SLACKISH REACTION:   Hooray the Mets won!

Wow the Mickey Mafia staring out strong.  Did they see the same game I did?   That was not because of the manager.  Did Mickey trick the Cards SP into being wild? Did they see Noah come up and strike out mid-rallies?    Is there a reason Gazelle Man came out?  Mickey is overmanaging. Here are my thoughts on why the Mickey Mafia is WRONG.

I had a nice time with my son, here’s the details of our day including one very pesky detail that is going to make me go to war.

If for some reason you only read the Morning Laziness..Rusty Staub passed away and here’s what I wrote.

Thor has Harveyitis (including being all hyped and giving up 4 runs in 6 innings which is not a good start, sorry) – but Noah zinging this fan is really funny.

What maniac scheduled a South Jersey soccer tournament today?  Why am I up at 6 on a day off?  (Soccer.)

Hey Amazon, Disney and Star Wars – can you guys cut it out. I just want to own The Last Jedi Blu-Ray wit Digital copy and it’s harder to buy than finding Luke on Ahch-To was.