Mets ad uses Mets Fans that don’t look anything like Mets fans

First of all let me call time out.  Sometimes new readers don’t get it and think I actually care about this stuff.  Guys, it’s just a blog that deals with random Mets adjacent things.  Please don’t think I am walking around muttering to myself about a tweet I saw 4 hours ago.  OK now let me resume character…..

The Mets tweeted out this ad.  These are supposedly Mets fans.  While I appreciate how these folks are dressed, have you EVER seen Mets fans like this?

No this is bullshit. And sure enough my spidey sense was right….

I know what Mets fans look like, and despite the nice photoshop effort, the humans are not Mets fans. They look like they are on their way to go surfing with Dennis Wilson in 1965.

Insulting. I get the advertising part but come on. Be real.

And before y’all hit the comments, re-read the opening paragraph and remember we’re coming off an off-day.