If the Mets are keeping Mickey Callaway should we all check out?

Over at Mets Basement they say Baseball Insiders say Mickey Callaway will return next season.

That leads me to ask you – should we all check out?

I would never say to boycott.  Mets baseball is an entertainment product.  I am watching right now because I just ran 7 miles and want to stare at something for 10 minutes – although I am about to turn it off an go back outside.  It’s a TV show.  It’s replaceable by other sports, or Netflix, or Playstation or a million other things.

So if Mets Baseball is enjoyable to you, by all means, enjoy it.

But should we all check out?

In this game alone, Mickey hooked a young cruising pitcher early – I guess because he really wants to get this team to 14 back.  Jose Reyes plays every day.  Dom Smith does not.  Rosario, playing more lately, seems like he gets three days off a week.

The manager isn’t good at managing, and he does not seem good at developing players.  I wrote an article on here on May 10th that asked what Mickey is good at, and nobody has answered yet.

So, if he’s coming back next year, but not developing anyone this year….why watch?  Why watch?

If it kills some time for you, that’s fine. Let it kill time.  But if you’re rearranging your schedule around these things?  Why?  I’m not saying not to, I just want to know why.

There is no now, and neither the Wilpons nor Mickey Callaway – not to mention the absence of a GM – seem interested in the future.

Why watch?