The Mets don’t understand the product they should be selling

Imagine you go to see Van Halen but Gary Cherone is singing.  It’s kinda cool but not what you really want.

Imagine you go to see Star Wars but Darth Vader isn’t there and it’s a bunch of conversations about trade routes.  It’s kinda cool but not what you really want.

Imagine you turn on Happy Days and Richie is gone and cousin Roger is there.  Kinda cool, not what you really want.

Imagine you go to a baseball game and David Wright isn’t playing and the Mets are giving you Todd Frazer and The Virus.   Kinda cool….not what you really want.

The Mets don’t seem to understand The Sell.  I don’t care if Austin Jackson wins the MVP, it’s not what fans want.  Todd Frazier can grind it out all he wants, and that’s fine in an absence of The Captain, but guess what Mets – David Wright came back and you won’t let him play!

It doesn’t matter if the Mets go 72-90 or 70-92.   It doesn’t matter if David plays well or plays poorly – we want to see Vader, we want to see DLR, we want to see Richie Cunningham.


I don’t understand why the Mets can’t understand this.  The entire business is based upon this imaginary relationship customers have with players.   No favorite players means no connection.

You guys read this site every day, even when they win I am barely hanging on here.  The sport is boring, and lacks stars.  Now one showed up and the Mets won’t let him play?   You’re breaking that connection with me Mets, and us old guys are all you have.