I think I solved the throwback NY mystery: 2019 is baseball’s Sesquicentennial and this is a leak!!!! (Theory)

I think I figured it out Scully.

Remember back in 1969 when baseball honored it’s centennial?

Let’s add 50.  You get 2019.    Baseball is going to celebrate it’s Sesquicentennial.

Now let’s add modern day merch and you get the idea that someone wants to do some Old Timey stuff as part of the celebration.   Like say using throwback logos for merch.  Look closer at how the website labelled this cap.  Batting Practice Mesh.

Let’s throw that term into LIDS and whaddaya know, a whole page of throwback logos.

Here’s the Cubs one…featuring my favorite of the Cubs logos…

So it could just be that someone had a cool idea for caps.   But as I asked yesterday, why would this clipart exist?

For those new to the discussion, this is a New York Giants NY – the edges of the NY are flatter, and I don’t believe the Mets have ever used that logo as their NY comes from the final years of the Giants, and the flatter NY is from the earlier days of the Giants (pre 1947/8 or so).

Below is an image the Mets tweeted out on Labor Day.

I think this is a leak Scully.  Or two leaks.  I think Throwback Something is happening for baseball’s 150th Anniversary and it has slipped out.

So I am throwing out my Nike Is Coming theory and going with this one:  MLB will be doing Old Timey Fauxbacks for Spring Training and/or BP and/or Theme Days.

The Truth Is Out There.


Adding some background since Uni Watch threw me a tweet and some non-Mets fans may drive by and be less familiar with the difference…..

A Mets NY is…

The Giants NY (pre 1948)