Jeff Wilpon, man of the people

I’m playing one of my Greatest Hits today, but Jeff Wilpon should make himself more visible.

I think Jeff had a good week, and those are rare in Queens.  Hanging out with his bro-dude Wags.  Showing up at the old man’s radio show because it’s 1993 as if that thing matters.   Jeff was pretty visible.

Jeff, I think you should sit with The 7 Line one day.

No fanfare, no big announcement.  Just show up and hang.

Will one knucklehead yell Madoff?  Sure.  Will someone else yell something else?  Sure.  Sell The Team.  Whatever bro.

But really, doesn’t this stuff happen all day every day?  So what’s the difference.

Go hang with the crew.  Maybe even buy everyone a round of hot dogs. I think it would do wonders for you.

Be a Man Of The People, at least to the extent a billionaire can be.   Be seen.  Hang out.  I can even get you a t-shirt, I know a guy.