Mets Police Morning Laziness: wait until Wags finds out he has no organizational depth

SLACKISH REACTION: Everyone is freaking out with the idea that Tim Tebow COULD be on the Mets. He COULD be one step away! Yes, he is at AAA. That’s what AAA is. Also, the Mets don’t have too many outfielders in the organization, and you can barely name three to fill out a lineup never mind 5 to field a team.   Wait until Wags finds out he doesn’t have any organizational depth.

Did you know the Yankees blew a hole in the Shea Stadium fence in 1975?

Formerly MetsBlog. which had been doing so so much better, has an article if Cano could be the Mets DH in a few years. And they wonder why I hate.

Sugar Diaz is having a party. If Matt Harvey had a party you’d be mad.