The Mets will not be doing an on-field Mercury Mets event in 2019

I will do a full recap of the Meet The Mets Executives panel sometime tomorrow, but I do want to share a quick nugget.

I asked if the Mets would be doing anything for the 20th Anniversary of the Mercury Mets.  Mark Fine, the Mets executive director of marketing, said they will not, although they may do some stuff on social media.

I then asked Will Carafello, the Mets Sr. Director of Social Media, and the poor soul who has to deal with me being annoying on twitter, if there was any amount of nagging I could do to get the Mets to do this.  Unfortunately, the answer is no.

I do think the fans will do something….I’ll see if I can The T-Shirt Guy to throw some weight at this.   Oh well.