Mets Police Morning Laziness: Syndergaard says let’s take this outside

SLACKISH REACTION: Another long night as I fight off The Virus.  Wish I could stay in bed today but I do have to head into NYC for Important Family Thing.  I imagine everyone involved with the QBC is exhausted.  I really want to sing the praises of the volunteers who gave up their day (and a few pre-meetings) and don’t even really get to take part in the fun.

Here’s my quickie QBC recap from last night.

Also, the Mets will not be doing Mercury Mets this season on-field.

Plenty to come over the rest of the holiday weekend….

STAR TREK DISCOVERY S2E1:  I seriously said “I hate her” several times out loud.  There’s a wonderful supporting cast trapped behind a bad lead and a bad  plot (again).  The move appears to be to just to the Captain Pike show (can we say CHARISMA) and might as well transfer Saru, Tilly and a few others over to the 1701.  And I forgot they are bringing Girorgiou back so they can gave two bad leads.

I have not yet seen this week’s Orville, which as you know is better at Star Trek than Star Trek.