Overanalyzing The New York Pigeons who appear to be better run than the Mets

Although after just three games you might be sick of the Talking Glove commercial appearing during Mets games.  However, I have become really interested in this commercial, and I’m very impressed by the level of detail here.

Before we begin, I was so excited about this post that I emailed Paul Lukas at Uni Watch about it, and shared with him all my screencaps.  I really truly was more interested in his take on it than mine.  What he suggested, and what we decided to do, is that we would both do stories.  He didn’t read mine in advance, and I have not seen his.  We decided we’d both do them in the same news cycle.  I’m doing mine at 10pm-ish because that’s when my posts do better on Facebook, and his (was posted onTuesday morning and includes details I didn’t catch including what stadium this is – be sure to read it.)  And no just because today is the first of a certain month this is not a prank post, there really is a commercial.

Let’s start with the actual commercial….

I’m going to jump through time as we break down the commercial.  Let’s start here with the team.  I’m guessing that’s a pigeon on her cap?   Let’s go with that – the New York Pigeons.

The next evidence I want to put in order is that this is a home game.  Here we see a Pigeons vendor, and it’s unlikely he’s vending on the road.

As we go along let’s pay attention to how much detail the commercial creators have added to this commercial.  So far we’ve seen a cap with a Pigeons logo.  The vendor has the cap with the NY logo, and his shirt gives us a better look at the Pigeons logo.

We also see that the Pigeons sell a lot of merch…check out the NY t-shirt.  Also note the red cap, we will get back to that.

Now that we’ve established it’s home game, let’s take a look at Pigeons Park (I made that up.  We all know it’s probably Corporate Sponsor Field, but I have hope.)

The Park (Pigeons belong in parks not stadiums) appears to be an older park…only two decks.  The game feels Major League and not minor league, so maybe the Pigeons play in the Fenway of the alternate universe and never moved to California.  Anyway, looks like a great place to see a game.

The opponents are in red.  Remember the red cap I mentioned?  Nice touch.

The Pigeons appear to go NNOB (no name on the back).

I don’t have a great zoom of the first baseman, but the guy in the stands wearing the #7 jersey also appears to be NNOB, unless #7 has a short surname like Oh or Yu and his hood is blocking it.

As for that jersey here’s a good look.  I like that the Pigeons haven’t messed around with different colors.  Pigeons fans know to wear black and yellow (Taxi colors, nice touch) to games.

Tony the fan has a NEW YORK jersey.  I looks white to me.  Look at the fan over his shoulder, she has more sun on her and that jersey surely looks white.

Do the Pigeons wear the city name at home?  Or is this some sort of BOSTON STRONG type jersey that the Pigeons wore once.  It’s possible we are just happening to catch two of these alts in one shot.

Note the pigeon patch on Tony’s left shoulder.  Below note the NY patch on his right shoulder.

The Pigeons also seem to be proud of their history.  They have a banner hung up in the stands. Hopefully the Pigeons Patrol didn’t have to nag them to do it.


It’s good to see that signs are welcome at Pigeons Park

They also welcome Big Heads.  Perhaps this is in honor of #7.

The Pigeons seem to sell a lot of merch.  There are at least three styles of caps in this frame.   Also appreciate the jacket detail.  The man has a zip up, withs tripes on the sleeves.  The woman has a traditional baseball style button jacket with traditional style stripes at the neck.

Compare her design to say this….nice job commercial maker….

I love the detail that there are two fans rooting for the visitors…

And here’s some more merch…the yellow NY cap

Ad here appears to be a fashion cap with the Pigeons logo on it.  DETAILS!!!

Really fantastic job on this.  I feel like a whole world exists here just from spending 30 second in it.  Please bring the Pigeons back for more commercials, and please sell some merchandise on your website….Media Goon has already been to seven Modell’s trying to get a jersey.