Sterling or Scully: #NetNegative Gary Cohen Trackwalls Another Mets Home Run before redeeming himself

Gary is getting worse.  He’s become John Sterling.  Gare, I am going to break you of this bad play calling habit no matter how mad you get at me.

Once again you went into your version of It Is High, It Is Far.

This is a call by rote.  

You used to be better at calling games, but now almost every single description is To The Track, To The Wall, It’s Outta Here which is just as bad as It Is High, It is Far, It Is Gone.  I am comparing you to John Sterling night after night.  Is this what you want Gare?  Call the game bro.

Right now you’re a Net Negative in the booth.  Wayne is out calling you. You’re using up the 30 years of goodwill at a rapid rate. You can do better. Do better.

Verdict:  Sterling

Now Gare, if you’re mad at me, let me share an example of a great call.  On this call the announcer did not mail it in.  He described the play and captured the moment.  Note the “takes a look” which is an accurate description and not a rote call.  This is a great call…

And that’s YOU Gare. I knew you could do it. You still got it. Time to get back to using it all the time.

Verdict: Scully