Mets Police Morning Laziness: Come And Get Us Better Players to help Vargas

SLACKISH REACTION:  Jason Vargas cannot drag this team to the World Series by himself.  It was another fine start but the Mets’ most consistent pitcher.  But Wags is running this out there… not much to be done.  What kind of At Bat is that?  It looks like what you’d get from someone who eats pancakes starting in the middle.

The newspaper spoke with baseball operations expert Jessica Mendoza, and I think it’s clear what a vital role she plays with the Mets. This is not just a PR stunt and paycheck for a CAA client, this is real baseball.

What I’ve enjoyed personally is the knowledge and understanding that comes with this. Being in a sports-psych meeting and seeing how players react, being in a pitchers-only meeting and listening to some of the stuff they are going over. Now that the draft is coming I’ve been locked in on college baseball. (via NY Post)

That’s nice.

The season is about to die.  The Marlins/Nationals part of the schedule bought Mickey some time but the season will die now.

You know what else is dying…baseball!

Here are lame Noah Syndergaard caps

This website is going to finish May with the lowest monthly stats since September, and the worst May…ever.   I know that this can be attributed to my site sucks but I am telling the Mets that this is a sign they’ve built a product nobody is interested in.  Remember back in 2000 when Al Gore was showing us charts and talking about CO2?  This is the Mets version of this.  Watch out Mets.  A fanbase cliff is coming.