Baseball, which will die with Generation X, has lowest rated World Series Game 1 ever!

I guess West Coast Los Angeles Fans don’t like 8:09pm EDT starts either.

Tuesday’s 8-3 Dodgers win over the Rays drew just 9.195 million viewers on Fox per ShowBuzz Daily, making it not only the least-watched World Series Game 1 ever, but the least-watched World Series game ever (via Awful Announcing.)

But don’t worry, the Baseball Mafia is going to do the “oh yeah but your girlfriend is ugly” arguments…

See! Baseball is way more popular than the NBA.

Unless we look more closely….

Oh. That’s really inconvenient for the baseball mafia.

Baseball is an old man’s sport….and this old man, your favorite blogger, is kinda done with it, and I am at the young end of the demo of the few people who watch the thing. So it’s people EVEN OLDER THAN ME watching these 4 hours relief pitcher festivals, and I am so old I was alive when the Mets won a World Series, something most of you can’t even say.

When me and the rest of Gen X pass away, your sport will be as popular as Major League Lacrosse.  Maybe not even, the youths kinda like lacrosse.

So baseball, you keep on playing 4 hour games at 8pm (so people in Los Angeles can watch!) with 17 pitchers and I will be downstairs with my brand new Playstation 5.

Speaking of baseball…..Matt Harvey for Mookie Betts?  Who says no?