Cool 1977 Mets t-shirt! Kingman! Matlack! Kranepool! Millan! Koosman!

Good ol’ Dave’s Mets Digout Dave sent this over.

My eyes are poor now because I am old.  I am so old that I saw the Mets win the World Series, something most of you cannot say.

I am sold old that I rooted for these players as Actual Mets.  So I made the image larger so I could see who these nice fellows are and they are….

Ed Kranepool, Dave Kingman, Jon Matlack, Felix Millan and Jerry Koosman.

That my friends makes this a 1977 Mets T-Shirt.

Also of interest, back in the 1970s we had the technology to reproduce a tiny NY on the Mets Ball Logo, which as regular readers know, the Mets say cannot be done.  This technology has been lost to the ages along with supersonic passenger travel and the movie theater.

I supposed here’s little chance we could convince a local t-shirt entrepreneur to start doing 1970s Retros as his audience seems more interested in inserting F into sentences….so we will just have  to scour eBay to look for 45 year old used t-shirts until someone starts RetroTees.

Thanks Dave.

Off-season filler?  Off-season filler.  But not BLATANT off-season filler.  This would have been good enough for IN-season off-day filler.

Also, it’s kind of amazin’ that the Mets didn’t step on a landmine of trying to give Kingman, Koosman, Kranepool some sort of catchy marketing nickname based on the first letter of their last names.  That would have been most unfortunate.

I went out of my way to split their names on the headline as Mets Police loves all people as much as we love silly jokes.