My Mets Apathy has set in

I was chatting with @mediagoon yesterday and discussing just how not-at-all I am into the Mets right now.

One thing that came up is – yeah sure Uncle Steve is here with his open wallet – but the sport is so damaged that there isn’t even any player acquisition that would excite me.  I guess “hey the Mets got Trout and Otani” would wake me up.  Or Mookie Betts.  But none of that is happening.

Trevor Bauer would likely take this team further down Alonso Street of having a bunch of guys I don’t wan to root for.

So, for me, unlike most of you, it’s always been about who the Mets are.  I was never excited about Pedro running out the door on the Red Sox, or getting Glavine from the Braves…and was more into Hundley than Piazza.

This past season was pretty boring once again – I already don’t watch on weekends, maybe I claw back Friday night as well.

We’ll see….but right now, I just don’t care about any of this.  Unlike how I feel about Star Trek, I can’t even get bothered to be mad at this sport.

The Baseball Mafia doesn’t help – they all write the same things and sell the narrative.  Justin Turner-gate went away pretty quickly.  Nobody is asking why LaRussa’s players always seem to be really good at the long ball.  Just sell today’s Official Story and move on.  Why did you write a $1.8 billion check again?   Eh who cares, the WIlpons are gone.

Baseball, you go do what you want.