Howie Rose and the others: top 6 best NYC baseball play by play announcers ranked!



Gary will likely make Cooperstown some day mainly (via the Frick award) based on the first half of his career.  In latter years he doesn’t seem to see the ball well off the bat (pre-pandemic) and he is way too quick to mail in a home run call with “To the track, to the wall, it’s outta here.” which is exactly what you guys will kill Sterling over.

The Gary Cohen Mafia is going to get mad, but I think Keith & Ron prop Gary up.  As a mental exercise, put Sterling or Kay in a room with Keith and Ron.  Now lock Gary in a room with Suzyn of MSG Randos.   Take the homer hat off and think about it.

He’s by no means bad, but this is the big city and we have even better options!


John is not good at play by play.  So why do I have him ahead of Gary?  He’s ENTERTAINING.  You could pair John with me and have us cover C-Span and he will find a way to make it good.   Yes, “It is high, it is far, it is gone” is bad yet you’re ok with Gary Cohen’s Track/Wall/Outta.


I used to listen to Kay/Sterling games because they were easy on the ears and nice company at the beach.   Not my favorite guy to call a game but again pair him with Keith and Ron and it’s better than GKR.


Yes there was some rust and he said Orioles a few times, but he calls a nice game and perked Keith up which might be the most important part of the job anyway. Glad to see him in the mix.


Young Wayne (how old is he anyway?  He isn’t 50 so he’s young)  Young Wayne does a nice job and I enjoy when he gets SNY Time.


    1. The best in all of baseball.  Paints a picture with his voice.  Not afraid to go critical (although not at the same level as Mets Extra Howie).  Great company.  Can make a blowout entraining, something #6 on this list can’t do, even when propped up by Keith and Ron.  When Howie has to ask Gelbs to open baseball cards then we can revisit the list.