Mike Piazza. Will this guy manage the Mets? No.

They say catchers make the best managers.

Fans want someone with a little fire.

The nostalgia point is 20 years ago and dopey black uniforms.

Clearly, there is one choice for Mets manager!

Mike is not the sort of guy to just accept losing.  He’ll do whatever it takes to turn a losing result into a victory.  He’ll rally the troops and take on whatever forces are stopping him from getting what he wants!

He’s also been known to get into it with the press (as seen above). What fan wouldn’t like to see Mike get into it with the Mets beat?

Mike even has some managerial experience, with Team Italy.

So what’s stopping Mike Piazza from managing the Mets?

Well, he lives in Italy so the commute is going to be a little rough.

Will Mike Piazza manage the Mets? No.