Javy Baez and Your 2021 Mets Turkeys!

An annual tradition here at Mets Police, a look at the Mets Turkeys.  Let’s start with the biggest Mets Turkey of All Time, a record never to be broken, never to be forgiven.

Javy Baez came to town and got off to a slow start and then booed the fans.  Unforgivable.  Be gone.  Also guilty in their silence are ALL THE 2021 METS.  Not one of them said that this was wrong.  Guys like Noah Syndergaard who has time to poke Mike Francesa said nothing.  Vulgar Pete who loves the media and they love him. Nothing.    JDG?  Nothing.

JDG and The Mets Front Office.  Together they thought it was a good idea to throw 100 in March and again against 19 year olds in a rehab start.  The media fawned, and Jake lost his season.  It was all very predictable.

Luis Rojas.   Somehow was allowed to return after missing an 8 team playoff, and the Mets once again finished under .500

Uncle Steve.  When the Wilpons are gone the circus will stop.  That was the plan.  Three general managers later the players are booing the fans and the team is under .500 during your time.  Stockholders don’t like negative results Steve.  And Friday’s excuse making about first year learning?  No.

Acting Regional General Manager Z. Michael Scott

Jared Porter and Zack Scott.  Porter came and went so fast that I don’t even have a picture of him saved.  Scott also didn’t work out so well.  And Steve hired these guys, so see above.

Mickey Callaway was back in the news.  Seems like a while ago but that was 2021.  This forces a Turkey Award on…

Howie Rose.   He was the one that called benching Dom Smith a “Hodges Moment” and if ANYONE should know not to invoke the name of Gil it is Howie.  Mickey Hodges did not quite live up to the standard.

Keith Hernandez for his twitter based book release information.

Pete Alonso for the Donnie Stevenson nonsense.  What?  Chili Davis got fired? How could they ever have happened?  Pete was so shocked and cried at his locker?  How did the Mets ever get the idea the Mets should have a hitting coach other than Chili Davis?

On the way out the door Scott Boras called Michael Conforto The King of Queens.  Scott, your client had an awful season and was like the 10th most popular on the club.  Let’s relax a bit with the King nonsense.

And that’s enough turkeys for one season.  I’m sure there were more but Let’s Go Mets and hope for a better future.