Is Mookie Wilson a time traveler? Swoosh Mets jersey in 1977?

The Mets shared this the other day right before their strategized 625pm announcement about Keith Hernandez…

Mookie was drafted in 1977.  In the photo he us wearing a jersey with an underline (casually referred to my friends as a “swoosh jersey” regardless of Nike)

Where did it come f?

I asked around…one theory was that the photo was actually from later, say 1993.  But here’s what Mookie looked like around 1990.  Looks good, but a little more filled out.

I asked Paul Lukas who suggested perhaps it was a hand-me-down minor league jersey.

If we run with that theory, let’s make that a 1976 minor league jersey.  In 1976 these were the Mets affiliates according to baseball reference.

I couldn’t find any images of the Marion Mets.  The Jackson Mets looked like this, although it is possible they gad a swoosh alt which I personally think is extremely unlikely in 1976 so I will rule it out.

The Lynchburg Mets had a reunion…their Facebook page does not reveal a swoosh.

Here is a good look at the 1976 Wausau Mets.  (Again theoretically they have a blue alt with a swoosh but I find that unlikely in 1976)

The FIL Mets are the Florida Instructional League Mets, a franchise that is about to trade Tom Seaver isn’t creating alts in 1976 for that so let’s rule that out.

The only explanation that makes sense is that MOOKIE WILSON IS A TIME TRAVELER.

Much like the Time Traveling Hipster….

…the only possible explanation is that around 1993 Mookie Wilson traveled back through time to 1977 and handed his younger self a swoosh jersey which Young Mookie wore in the photo.

This however would have changed history, and makes me wonder what other history has been changed by this event!!

Perhaps by changing the timeline, we have been robbed of our original history. Between 1977 and that fateful day in 1993, perhaps the Mets ran off four straight championships (1985-1988)!   Who knows what the butterfly effect could have caused?  All because Mookie Wilson traveled back through time to confuse future bloggers!

If anyone has a better explanation for a swoosh jersey showing up in 1977, let me know.

Yes Mr. Columbo?