Does this mean Mets Ticket Fees will soon be dead (and illegal?)

Under (New York) Senate Bill S946, sellers like Ticketmaster and StubHub will no longer be able to hide fees until the last step in checkout. Instead, all such costs must be disclosed upfront so that prices don’t change throughout a purchase. Delivery fees will be banned on tickets that are sent electronically or that a buyer has to print themselves (via Vulture)

Wait so the Mets won’t charge me $6 or whatever it was to have electrons transfer from their computer to my phone?

It’s unclear to me if his affects the Mets, and it looks like the governor still has to sign it.

Or maybe they will just move the fees to some other category of fees….or maybe make it so you have to be a Ticket Club Member to buy tickets – kinda like a Personal Seat License but different.  I’m confident the Mets will find away to not stop charging you.

A better solution, of course, is to never buy tickets and just get yourself an awesome TV.