Mets and presumably the owner seem cool with whoring out Tom Seaver “Digital Collectibles”

Saw this on the Mets twitter account.  Steve Cohen, do you not have enough money?  The Dow Jones was up over 400 points today?  How much Tom Seaver Digital Collectible money is there really to be made?  Half a million?  I am confident you made that today.

Do we have to sell every last thing with no dignity at all?

So what is a “Digital Collectible” you ask…….


On twitter today the Steve Cohen Apologists were out defending Steve and saying this is not Steve’s Mets but is rather MLB or the Hall of Fame, but you know what Steve, you own the Mets and this came to me from @mets. Your team, your brand.

You have twitter Steve – if you want to clear up the story and let everyone know this offends you, I welcome your comments, otherwise enjoy your cut of the six dollars.


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