Mets decide to use a font that screams YANKEES

Yes I am familiar with the 1988 Road Jerseys, I own one, do you?  You don’t need to lecture me.   So look at the latest from Mets Marketing Chief, Poochie Cohen.

Why Poochie?  Why?


That looks a hell of a lot more “Yankees” than it does anything Queens.

Other than that, there was potential in this hat.  It’s too bad the Mets don’t have a distinctive font where you could have spelled out N E W Y O R K in a way that says METS.

These unforced errors are insane.

Aside from that – now is it worth it to drive to Queens, pay the tolls, parking and have to sit through a baseball game to get this for $30.  Nope.

Anyway, Hawaiian night or Yankees night whatever it is – is August 8.  I will be home.


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