Do as they want and BLACK OUT THE METS TODAY

Today, I encourage you to stay strong.

In my life, the Mets are blacked out today.   Join me.

I will not watch.  I will not discuss. I will not engage. I will not support their sponsors.  I will not comment on the game.  I will not comment on the team.  I won’t comment about them on social media.

Don’t watch. Definitely don’t attend.  Don’t buy any merchandise.  Don’t buy any tickets.  Don’t tweet about them.   Black them out.

There are no Mets.  They are blacked out.

The Mets simply do not exist today.  They are blacked out.

See you tomorrow.


Since someone is going to ask why the Mets Police Bot is tweeting – It’s a fair amount of work to disconnect, and I want to go in the pool.

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