A look back at David Wright’s final game with the Mets

My super-fan Sporty tells me that this is the 4th anniversary of David Wright’s final game with the Mets.  Other than the Wright part of it, I am sure this was actually the worst baseball game ever played – with the Mets and Marlins playing a dreadful game that went into extra innings.  I would have been long gone except I wanted to see DW address the crowd…..

…we stayed and stayed, and the game broke my son.  He hasn’t been to Citi Field since, nor have I.  It proved that baseball is indeed unwatchable in its current form.

But aside from baseball being awful, it was nice to see David summon all his strength to get out there one last time.

Maybe baseball died that night along with David’s career, and it just took a pandemic, three wild cards, a little too many Keith-less games, a combined no-hitter and ghost runners for me to notice that baseball is indeed a thing of the past.

Also, hadn’t noticed – apparently David changed t-shirts that night from illegal orange to blue.