NYCFC getting new Willets Point soccer stadium across from Citi Field!

Big soccer fans like you have to be excited about the new 25,000 seat soccer stadium coming to Queens, right across from Citi Field!  It’s even official and stuff.

According to the New York Times the project even includes the long elusive affordable housing!

…. a 23-acre project that includes a 250-room hotel and 2,500 units of housing. Officials say the project would be the city’s largest development of entirely affordable housing since the Mitchell-Lama developments of the 1970s. (via NY Times)

And even more shocking…

The soccer team will pay for the entire construction of the stadium, which is estimated to cost $780 million, city officials said. Neither tax-exempt bond financing nor direct city capital infusions will be used,

,,,. The developers are not getting abatements on mortgage recording or sales taxes, he said. But the stadium owners will not have to pay real estate taxes for the duration of the lease. (via NY Times)

Surely some part of this must be horrible to Mets fans…well yes, the development company…you know them as The Wilpons.

So for boycotters, I’d better not see you guys at any soccer games.

Oh, enjoy the parking situation when the Mets and the NYCFCs play on the same night.

Overall though, kinda cool.  Good for MLS.  Good for the NYCFCs.  Good for Queens.  Better than ugly chop shops.

Maybe even big time soccer aficionado Mike Piazza can rally some supporters to hit up a game!

Full details in the New York Times.

A super-official announcement is expected today.