Keith Hernandez on Baseball being boring: I won’t watch baseball that much anymore

Donald Trump supporter Keith Hernandez went on Donald Trump supporter Tucker Carlson’s show.  Awful Announcing recapped it:

Hernandez’s appearance with Carlson was a relatively entertaining interview centralized on baseball. Carlson mostly stayed out of the way during the long-form interview on his Fox Nation show, allowing Hernandez tell stories and dominate the conversation. The controversial Fox News host only tried to bait Hernandez once, asking if the sport has gotten too political, to which the legendary first baseman said no. Hernandez did close the conversation by admitting he’s a fan of Carlson, but as a Republican and admitted Donald Trump supporter, that’s to be expected. (via Awful Announcing)

The part I love is that even Keith Hernandez, former player, and paid to watch baseball knows the games are UNWATCHABLE!!!  Keith said

“I honestly feel that when I’m retired, when I stop doing what I’m doing now in the booth, I won’t watch baseball that much anymore,. “It’s three-hour games now, three-and-a-half, when I played it was two-and-a-half,” “I still love the game, but they’re lengthy.”