Keith Raad to be new Mets radio partner of Howie Rose? Cool!!

The Post is suggesting Keith Raad is the front-runner to replace Wayne on the Mets radio booth.

That’s pretty cool because it’s someone who HAS DONE THE WORK and is FROM WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION and I think IS NOT THE SON OF SOMEONE FAMOUS.   Like a good old fashioned merit hire.  Plus he calls a good game.

Of course radio is dead to me because of the WOR wah-wah noise making the games unlistenable, and then the 4 seasons I begged the MLB App to fix the EXTREMELY LOUD COMMERCIALS but neither WOR nor MLBAM cared about either, so I got out of the habit of listening to games and it turned out I didn’t miss it AT ALL.   But hey you reap what you sow.  Great job as always baseball.

Congrats Keith.  Would you mind changing your first name? This could get very confusing.