Doc Brown travels back in time to November 1987 to tell Marty McFly what happened to the Mets

So, uh, Doc….you say you visited 2023.  How many more World Series have the Mets won? Probably a lot!

None Marty.  None at all.

None at all?  But what about Gooden?  He must have easily won 300 games, right?  How did they not win with him on the mound all those years?  Did he get hurt or something?

Drugs, Marty.  Drugs.   He played 16 seasons but he didn’t even win TWO hundred games.

That’s crazy, Doc.  What about Darryl Strawberry?  He must have hit like 500 home runs!

Strawberry left for Los Angeles as soon as he could.   He only hit 335 home runs, but he did win two World Series with the Yankees!

The Yankees??? That’s terrible.

Gooden was a Yankee too!  He threw a no-hitter for them!

Come on Doc.  A no-hitter? You’re killing me.  Did ANYONE ever throw a no-hitter for the Mets?

Yes!!! A man named Santana.  He was VERY good.  But they let him throw too many pitches and it ruined his career.  But we did get cool t-shirts!

Was he a home grown player?

No.  We haven’t had too many of these.  There was one guy, but he left for Miami as soon as he could…and the other one, he was really good for a while, the team Captain, but…well… he had spinal stenosis and things didn’t work out.

You’re telling me that it’s been 35 years and they didn’t win anything and they barely have any home grown stars?

There was a pitcher!  Long flowing hair!  Two Cy Youngs!  But he went to Texas as soon as he could leave.  And they did win two pennants between now and 2023!

Well that’s good.  At least they made the World Series. Who did they lose to?

The Yankees.  

The Yankees?

The Yankees.  And it happened at Shea.  Then there was a second pennant but they lost that one to the Royals…. people stopped talking about that one after a few years.  There was a kid on that Mets team they called The Next Seaver

The Next Seaver? He must have been really good!

Actually he finished his career 50 and 66 with a 4.42 ERA

What happened to the actual Seaver?  Did he ever get his statue?

He died during the pandemic…


Oh yeah Marty, there was a world wide pandemic and everything shut down, you couldn’t even leave your house.  Unfortunately, Tom passed away before the Wilpons put up the statue.

Doc, did ANYTHING good happen before 2023.

No, Marty, not really.