The upcoming Baseballpocalypse nobody wants to talk about and nobody is ready for!

From Cord Cutter News….

Today it is being reported that Sincalir’s Sports Channels are preparing for bankruptcy. This would include the Bally Sports RSNs.

Sinclair will likely seek to end some contracts with teams and cut back on payments to others.

Now let’s take a look at the pretty map.  I see a lot of baseball team logos on there,

What’s going to happen when the baseball teams either do’t get paid, or get paid a fraction of the original deal?  Say you owe Carlos Correa $200,000,000.  What then?

What happens if the RSN decides to broadcast the cheapest version of the game?

Maybe you try and get out of the contract with the RSN….and take your rights, where exactly?  Everywhere else isn’t New York where you might have options.

If you DID have an option how much would the new option pay you?

And sure maybe someone starts a local Baseball Streaming Thing, the price of which seems to be around $20.  YOU might give the baseball team $20 a month, but how many people will?  I would not pay for MetsVision right now, no matter how many people Steve signs – weekend games are useless to me, as are the weekday day games….and I barely watched last season even though they won 101 games (modern baseball is quite boring.)

And once again, the baseball team’s revenue has gone down.  Also remember that someone has to actually produce these games for BaseballStreamingVision

This is about to get VERY interesting as teams possible maybe perhaps don’t have the income they planned on.