Flushing Fred the groundhog sees his shadow, Mets to not win World Series again

Well Mets fans, bad news.

Flushing Fred, the World Series predicting groundhog, saw his shadow this morning.  According to folklore this mean the Mets will not win the World Series this year.  Some skeptics say that it doesn’t matter if the groundhog sees his shadow or not, the Mets aren’t winning a World Series anyway.

Environmentalists were also on hand this morning and some rich billionaire is looking to disrupt the groundhog’s habitat with a casino.

There was also an unfortunate incident toward the end of teh ceremony when 6 San Diego groundhogs chased away all the Mets groundhogs.  The Mets groundhogs said they were cold, and they had to go to work, and the fun had been out of groundhog day once Fred saw his shadow, but they promised they are Loyal to the Last Out.