The updated history of Mets green uniforms and caps

In an annual tradition, there’s nothing like a Mostly Rerun Post that is also Uni Watch Click Bait.  Come on Paul, you know you wanna link…..

As always, we begin with the Green Murph.

One of only 5 such Murphy 28 jerseys known to exist to mankind.

2012 mets st. patrick's day murphy

The one above is not mine, but actually Nick’s.  Nick is not messing around. He also has the Kid 8 patch on his 28 who emailed me a few jersey pics.

Nick really brought his A game. Here is a 1985 version via Mitchell & Ness. If you don’t know who 18 was on the 1985 Mets then you are in the middle of the wrong post for your level of nerdiness.

1985 mets st. patrick's day jersey

This next one Nick says is late 1980’s, but MBTN shows Mark Carreon wearing 45 in 1990 – regardless, Lukas is gonna lose his mind when he sees the font.

mark carreon mets st. patrick's day jersey circa 1990

The next one Nick says is early 1990’s. Hubie Brooks? D.J. Dozier?

early 1990's mets st. patrick's day jersey

Next, Nick shares his 2006 Joe Smith.

2006 mets st. patrick's day jersey

And finally Nick has this 2008 style. I think I boycotted these or wasn’t in jersey-mania mode yet. You know who #5 is right?

2006 mets st. patrick's day jersey

This next one wasn’t an on-field one, but it’s back from when the Mets did Player’s Choice jerseys (those were cool fun) and this is one of my favorite possessions which I got for $30 in the team shop the year Murph was out and you Ike Hypers thought we’d never see Murph again.

You can see the cool front here…


Here are some Mets caps from over the years.    I find the third one “racist” (for this post lets just use the word to mean perpetuating a stereotype, and we can parse language some other day).

People get mad at me for calling out this cap.  (It’s cool to be racist as long as its Mr. Met being racist or something.)   I would like to point out that the Mets have not broken this out in a few years.  Bravo Inclusive Mets.

The first one cap is boring and the middle one an abomination.

mets 2013 st. patrick day caps for sale


Again, good job by the Mets moving away from that ill-advised stunt cap.

This was the boring 2016 cap.  Looks like this is a league wide template and everyone gets white on green. Zzzz. At least it doesn’t have a stereotype.


2016 mets st patricks day

For 2017, this cap

And for 2018 which is not as nice as last year’s.


Here’s my not-inexpensive Green Reds Seaver.  I don’t think I have worn it, maybe once, because I am afraid to get it dirty.

mitchell and ness seaver reds st. patrick's day

mitchell and ness reds seaver st. patrick's day



Here’s a screen grab I took in 2015.  There is that yucky racist Mr. O’Met.  Again, for those of you who get mad why don’t you imagine what that cap would look like on say Cinco De Mayo or Chinese New Year and tell me it’s still cool.

Fortunately this cap seems to have disappeared as people become more aware of the issues.  In general, I didn’t find too many offensive stereotype driven products this year.  Good job everyone!

racist mets green cap


This is my old Original Irish Night cap I have from way back at Shea whenever they did Original Irish Night.

original irish night green mets cap

And here’s probably the best of the Irish caps.  The Irish hybrid.  And yeah that’s Regis Philbin!

terry collins regis philbin

And now the non-rerun part.

This is the 2019 cap.

And the 2020 and 2021 cap.

and in exciting “new content” it’s the 2022 and 2023 caps.

The best of the set is the “Regis Philbin” combo.  The Mets should do this.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and remember don’t embarrass my Irish ancestors by acting like a buffoon.