Nobody is watching the World Baseball Classic, what are we even doing?

Let’s take a look at Monday night’s ratings. You will notice there have NOT been articles or press releases about how many people are watching, so I will do the work/

The Team USA game, which started at 10pm as Baseball continues to grow the game – drew 762,000 people.  Wrestling’s 10pm hour drew a million five.  The 10pm NBA game drew 1.8M.  GUTFELD at 11pm drew 1.7M

The 7pm game, the kind of game you might lose a closer in (but not THAT game, I am talking Monday here), drew….wait for it….394,000

Well, let’s take a look at Tuesday – Team USA had the day off, but there was a game on at 10pm which drew, wait for it, 395,000 people.  The 7pm game drew 377,000 people.  The NIT game at 7pm drew 569,000.  Fixer to Fabulous at 9pm drew 1.1 million.  Maybe MLB should just have players fix up homes?