Post: Sen. Jessica Ramos blocks Steve Cohen’s casino bid next to Mets ballpark

Mr. Burns is a fictional character on the Simpsons, portrayed as a billionaire. In one episode he opened a casino.

A state lawmaker who represents the communities around the Mets’ Citi Field has temporarily blocked billionaire Mets owner Steve Cohen’s plan to build a casino and entertainment complex in the lots next to the ballpark.

… Sen. Jessica Ramos told The Post Sunday she would not introduce a bill in the final weeks of the legislative session.

“I had a very productive town hall on Friday which is going to be the first of many conversations I have with my neighbors,” Ramos said. “My neighbors and I are not currently in a place where it would be appropriate to introduce parkland alienation legislation.”

The lots and other property around Citi Field in Willets Point are deemed parkland — designated as part of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park back in 1939.

(Via NY Post)


I was thinking about this thing the Casino crowd has been trying to mind-trick you with where they throw around words like asphalt.

So let’s look at Central Park.  Maybe we shouldn’t have a skating rink.  Let’s tear that down and replace it with green space.  Or a casino. How does that sound?

Parks have parking lots.  I was in a different park yesterday.  I parked there.  That’s how it works.

None of that is a casino.  A casino is not a park.

If you want to open a casino, buy some land across the street on the part that isn’t a casino, and apply for a casino license.