Steve Cohen’s Vulgar Mets continue to be deliberately Vulgar and anti-fan

Before we begin today, I just want to point out there were a fair amount of empty seats out in T-Shirt land on Sunday afternoon in late innings.  I don’t quite remember what the Army slogan is – is it “loyal unless the game gets rained out, we aren’t going on Sunday” or is it “loyal unless it looks like the Mets are gonna lose this one so let’s beat traffic.”  (That seems to be the playoff version of the slogan).   Anyway, as you read this it’s probably an hour after it was posted and this post has zero likes and hi to all my new followers, thanks D.

Our topic is Steve Cohen’s vulgar Mets brand.  We’ve well discussed Vulgar Pete’s insistence on acting like he’s 10 rather than doing what I bet his agent wishes – leaning into being the All American Polar Bear and maybe cash some Coca-Cola checks.  Instead, Pete humps dugout railings.

But today isn’t about Pete, it’s about the Vulgar Mets.

Following the Mets’ Game 2 Sunday night victory over the Cleveland Guardians, in which they swept the doubleheader and series, Francisco Lindor was being interviewed on ESPN’s SportsCenter – until Verlander shut things down.

First Verlander yelled in the background: “F–k ESPN! Leave him alone, let’s go!”  (via Sports Illustrated)

Well Justin, your buddy Francisco Lindor may not realize this, but the reason you make millions of dollars is because of the fans.   And if you don’t want to be on ESPN, well maybe ESPN won’t want to be associated with your sport (ask hockey how that works out for leagues.)

Lindor, known thumbs-downer of fans, thought JV was funny.

Lindor, who laughed it off, said, “You see, he’s rushing everybody. That’s something I learned from him, so, thank you very much!”

That’s right, Francisco. Ha ha.  Let’s ignore the reporter trying to do their job.  Let’s not give the fans any access.  And let’s deliberately curse when we know we’re on TV.

Steve Cohen has managed to assemble an unlikeable bunch here.  I’ve stopped watching for over a year now and don’t miss it at all.  You do you Steve.  If this is what you want the Mets brand to be….have fun.