The MetsPoliceBot imagines an inning of GKR

Some fun with the MetsPoliceBot

A half inning of Mets play by play with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez, except Keith is distracted by the hot blonde in the third row.
Remember, this is not at all indicative of the SNY booth and just the musings of an artificial intelligence website.  In real life, Keith is a consummate professional and would never allow himself to be distracted by an attractive fan.

Gary Cohen:  We’re in the bottom of the second inning,  score tied a2-2. And Keith, it looks like we have quite a crowd here tonight.

Keith Hernandez: (distracted) Oh, yeah, Gary. The crowd is definitely fired up tonight. I mean, just look at that third row. Wow!

Gary Cohen: (laughs) Keith, focus on the game! We’ve got Pete Alonso stepping up to the plate. He’s been swinging a hot bat lately, so let’s see if he can continue his success here.

Keith Hernandez: (clears his throat) Right, right. Alonso’s been on fire, no doubt about it. Let’s see what he can do here.

[Alonso takes a pitch outside for a ball]

Gary Cohen: And that’s ball one. The pitcher’s trying to work around Alonso here, not giving him anything too hittable. Pete’s been showing great patience at the plate recently, and he’s really worked on his pitch recognition.

Keith Hernandez: (suddenly whispers) Gary, did you see the hot blonde in the third row? She’s absolutely stunning.

Gary Cohen: (laughs) Keith, stay focused! We’re live on air. Anyway, back to the game. Alonso looks locked in at the plate. Here comes the next pitch.

[Alonso fouls off a fastball]

Keith Hernandez: (still distracted) I tell you, Gary, this game is great and all, but that blonde is a real game-changer.

Gary Cohen: (laughs) Keith, I’ve never seen you this distracted before. Let’s try to get back to the game, shall we?

Keith Hernandez: (sighs) Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Focus on the game. Got it.

[The pitcher delivers the next pitch, and Alonso drives it deep to left field.]

Gary Cohen: And Alonso crushes one! This ball is deep, to the track…to the wall….

Keith Hernandez: (interrupts) Oh, my! Did you see that catch?

Gary Cohen: (continues the play-by-play) So, Alonso’s deep drive is caught for an out.  Now, Jeff McNeil is stepping up to the plate. He’s been swinging a hot bat lately.

Keith Hernandez: (snaps out of it) Right, right, McNeil has really found his groove at the plate recently. Let’s see if he can continue his success here.

Ron Darling: (laughs) Well, McNeil is at the plate now. He’s been making great contact and using the whole field. The opposing pitcher will have to be careful here.  It’ll be interesting to see if McNeil can find a pitch he can drive here. The pitcher has been working the outside corner, trying to keep him off balance.

[McNeil takes a fastball for a strike]

Ron Darling: McNeil will have to battle here, protect the plate, and look for a pitch he can handle.

Keith Hernandez: (whispering) Hey, guys, what do you think? Should I ask the blonde out after the game?

Gary Cohen: (whispering) Keith, not now! We’re on air, remember?

Ron Darling: (laughs) Well, Keith, you always keep things interesting, that’s for sure. But let’s focus on the game for now.

Gary Cohen: Right you are, Ron. McNeil needs to stay focused here.

[McNeil fouls off a breaking ball]

Gary Cohen: McNeil fights off a tough pitch, spoiling it to stay alive.

Ron Darling: That was a good battle by McNeil. He’s really making the pitcher work.

Keith Hernandez: (whispering) Hey, guys, I think the blonde just smiled at me!

Gary Cohen: Keith! We’re live on air! Focus on the game!