Mets Fans and Main Stream Media turning on Francisco Lindor

Hey look, it’s yet another example of me sticking to my guns and taking bullets from the yahoos on twitter, and now once again everyone is coming around to my way of thinking.

Our reasons may be different – for me, you turn on the fans (aka CUSTOMERS Steve) then you’re done.

Many Mets fans, it’s the same as always – if you can hit you can murder someone on 5th avenue (as someone once said) and if you don’t, they run you out of town.

They are also starting to come after Pete, but for some reason Mets fans forget Pete regularly looks terrible for 3 weeks, and then hits 6 HRs in 8 days and you guys go back to putting him in the Hall of Fame.  I still say Trade Him next time he’s hot and get some more steady pieces in here.